ONE ORGANIC’s stevia is a pure, zero-calorie, USDA certified organic sweetener that is a great substitute for regular sugar or artificial sweeteners. Add a pinch directly to your beverage or use it for your cooking. ONE ORGANIC stevia comes in a value-sized resealable stand up pouch.
Package Sizes:
4.4 oz (125g)
Organic stevia
Certified Organic by CERES
  • USDA ORGANIC – all natural, non-GMO, certified organic

  • PURE STEVIA – NO fillers or additives, such as dextrose and erythritol

  • ZERO CALORIES – Low glycemic sweetener

  • A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY – Just a pinch sweetens a whole cup of coffee/tea

  • SUGGESTED USES – Mixing in drinks, Baking
Why is being organic important?
Organic agriculture uses methods that preserve the environment and avoid the use of pesticides, antibiotics or genetic engineering (GMOs).
How is the stevia extracted and processed? Are there chemicals involved?
The stevia is extracted from the stevia leaves using ethanol and methanol. However, the ethanol and methanol are removed at the end of this process. The finished stevia product is tested for ethanol and methanol levels.